News weekly : must read and consider - Wednesday, July 21, 2021

News weekly : must read and consider
Banks and Wall Street Oppose Creation of Digital Dollar
Federal Reserve unconditionally supports the proposal to create a digital dollar, as it believes this is a necessary modernization of the US system, but Wall Street fears the impact of such a change in the investment routine – opposition that is shared by the banking system, with bankers fearing losses in the loans market as people will be able to take digital money directly from the Reserve.

Foreign travelers to China can now use digital yuan ? central bank
Foreign visitors no longer need to open a bank account to make e-payments in China, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced on Friday. “Foreign residents temporarily traveling in China can open an e-CNY wallet to meet daily payment needs without opening a domestic bank account,” the bank said in its so-called white paper on e-CNY, China’s government-developed digital currency.

DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”
A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.

2021’s Most Informative Interview About Basel 3 And How It Will Impact On The Gold Market
But insofar as the LBMA is so terribly frightened of the Basel 3 regulations, I have to believe, as the LBMA complained, it could make unallocated gold prohibitively expensive for the bullion banks and that might put the unallocated business out of business…

Chinese digital yuan now available at over 3,000 ATMs in Beijing

WILL GOLD MARKET CATCH FIRE? With Basel III Deadline Approaching, Bullion Banks Massively Short $34 Billion Of Paper Gold!
CRIMINAL BANKS “DOING GOD’S WORK”: With Inflation Raging, Zero Bound Interest Rates, And Money Supply Increasing 15% Annually, It’s Unbelievable The Price Of Gold Is Unchanged In 2021

George Soros & Bill Gates lead buyout of UK Covid testing company
A group of investors led by the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have financed the buyout of UK diagnostic technologies firm Mologic, which has developed a 10-minute coronavirus test.

Video: Bill Gates’ Vaccine Experiment with Indian Tribal Girls in 2009
Indian tribal girls were used as guinea pigs.
With 1.3 billion people, India is a good base for pharmaceutical companies to make a killing and also kill a lot of people in the process.
The manipulation of people by the media.
It is so terrifying what they are doing.
“We are taking things that are genetically modified organisms and injecting them into little kids arms…”, says Bill Gates
Over 490 000 children in India developed paralysis as a result of the Gates supported vaccine.
There was a parliamentary inquiry, and the Gates Foundation was excluded from India.
And Now they are back, doing their own tricks again.

Breaking News: Member of Parliament in Finland Warns Government that They Are Guilty of Genocide for Misleading Public on COVID-19 Injections

How the British Invented George Soros

Has Macron’s call for new IMF Gold Sales been slapped down?