Trading strategies today - September 13, 2019

GOLD (Spot) : Going UP to 1670 (target) - Gold and silver prices are not stable yet. They need a little more time. It will be better to wait until they show a signals. The key prices for gold are $ 1480 and $1524.30. For silver are $ 17.63 and $ 18.80.

PLATINUM (Futures) : Going UP to 1020 (target) - Platinum looks relatively stronger. It would be better to think of buying. If the prices end above $953 today, it will be a signal for buying. In that case, I will buy some.

WTI CRUDE OIL (Futures) : Going UP to 70 (target) - Crude oil markets are shaking a lot. So far, the shape of chart is not goood. However, I have a positive view and bought some. I will hold the position. Key prices are 53.24 and $ 57.76. The markets are not likely to be easy next week.

NATURAL GAS (Futures) : Natural gas prices may go up a little more. However, it wil be risky to buy at this level. It would be better to look for buying opportunities when the prices drop. The meaningful prices are $ 2.16 and 2.31. It may…

Trading strategies today - September 12, 2019

GOLD (Spot) : Going UP to 1670 (target) - Gold prices do not seem to be stable yet. Key prices are $ 1480 and $ 1523. I think it would be better to wait for the time with being easy.

WTI CRUDE OIL (Futures) : Going UP to 70 (target) - A silent war is going on in the crude oil market. The price flow is very unstable. Key prices are $ 55.0 and $ 56.90. The situation is not good, but I will hold the position with being careful.

EUR/USD Euro rate (FX) : Going DOWN to 1.0353 (target) - As expected, the euro is falling. EUR/USD is likely to fall in the long run and continuously. It seems that it would be better to look for selling opportunities whenever the rate rebounds.

S&P 500 Index (Futures) : Going UP to 3308 (target) - As expected, S&P 500 is going up. The key price is 3013.5, and if they go up through that level, it will be a signal of going higher. In that case, it would be better to look for buying opportunities.

CME NYMEX: NG Natural Gas Futures Trading Strategy - bottomed out

Natural gas prices seem to have bottomed out.

It is very likely that the prices will drop again because they have hit a strong resistance line. Two important levels are $ 2.31 and $ 2.15. If they keep the 2.31 line, it could be a signal to go up.

As the price flow has not established a platform to rise, it is not clear when opportunities to buy will come. What we can think of, at this point, is waiting for a buying opportunity, not for selling. It may take a lot of time.

[CME NYMEX: NG Natural Gas Futures Weekly chart]

2019 2020 Trading Strategy Gallery : Futures CFD Forex

Friday, Sep 6, 2019
All precious metal buy positions were closed today. Gold prices were expected to rise up to $1600, but they have not reached. The trading strategies were good.

<< Closed  GOLD (Spot) BUY Position +11.76%
Profit: 160pt (11.76%), Entry Price: 1360, Closed Price: 1520, Holding Days: 46

<< Closed  SILVER (Spot) BUY Position +25.42%
Profit: 3.8pt (25.42%), Entry Price: 14.95, Closed Price: 18.75, Holding Days: 77

<< Closed  PLATINUM BUY Position +17.02%
Profit: 139.7pt (17.02%), Entry Price: 821, Closed Price: 960.7, Holding Days: 57

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