GBP/CAD British Pound to Canadian Dollar rate Long term forecast, down to 1.65 1.615 - Forex trading today

Forex trading GBP/CAD : British pound (GBP) seems to have started a big decline. GBP/CAD is likely to go down to 1.65 and 1.615. The resistances for GBP/CAD are 1.73 and 1.759.

In the long run, the Canadian dollar will also decline. However, for the time being, the British pound is likely to decline more rapidly and sharply. Many experts and investors talk about Brexit. We need to see the things under the Brexit. This situation seems to last for a long time.

[GBP/CAD rate weekly chart]

TMX: SXF OSP60 - S&P TSX 60 Index forecast, between 850 and 1000 - Stock trading today

Futures and CFD trading TSX 60 index : Stock markets are attracting attention of people, and there are various opinions. It is a very difficult time to predict.

In my view, stock indices are likely to stay within a certain range for a while. TSX 60 index is likely to move within the range of 850 and 1000. The 850 level is a very strong support and is very meaningful. It would be better to look for opportunities to buy at around 850.

I do not think that stock markets will collapse soon. They still seem to be on the upward trend.

[TSX 60 index monthly chart]

USD/CAD Canadian dollar exchange rate Long term forecast, 1.335 1.365 and 1.423 - Forex trading today

Forex trading USD/CAD : Canadian dollars remain unchanged, are relatively stronger than other currencies. What does this mean?

The market gives opportunities to buy USDCAD. USDCAD are likely to go up bit by bit for a while. And then, They may surge. The support is 1.335. 1.3644 is a meaningful price level, and 1.423 could be a resistance. If they drop, it will be a good opportunity to buy. In the long term, they are on the upward trend.

[USD CAD rate weekly chart]

CME NYMEX: PL - Platinum Futures Prices Long term forecast, down to 576.0 - Commodity Trading Today

Futures CFD trading Platinum : Platinum has failed to turn upward. It was confirmed that $ 900 is a strong resistance. They are likely to go down to around $ 576. The resistance is $ 852.5, now. If they go over 852, it will be opportunities to sell.

There are some people who expect that platinum will rise higher following plladium. Such expectations are unlikely to be realized. It would be better to find oppoortunities to sell.

[CME NYMEX: PL, Platinum futures monthly chart]