Stock Trading strategies today: UNH NKE HD GOOGL AMZN AAPL

Thursday, July 18, 2019 (05:51 EST)
Stock markets are not over yet, I think. Dow looks better. S&P 500 looks heavy. It would be better to have an interest in Dow index and Dow 30 companies, especially in insurance stocks such as UnitedHealth (NYSE: UNH), Travelers (NYSE: TRV), Progressive (NYSE: PGR). Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock prices may go higher.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
>> Long term Strategy - NY: ALL, Allstate - BUY :
Entry price 105 Target price 135.5 (+29.05%) Stoploss 98.3 (-6.38%)

Stock markets are not over yet. They will go up much higher than people can think. We need to pay attention to the industry leading companies.

>> Strategy - NY: UNH, UnitedHealth  - BUY :
Entry price 258 Target price 360 (+39.53%) Stoploss 242 (-6.2%)

>> Strategy - NY: NKE, NIKE - BUY :
Entry price 88 Target price 120 (+36.36%) Stoploss 86.6 (-1.59%)

>> Strategy - NY: HD, Home Depot - BUY :
Entry price 216 Target price 270 (+25%) St…

Trading strategies today : XAUUSD Gold Silver prices forecast - July 1, 2019 ~

Thursday, July 18, 2019 (22:22 EST)
I have closed XAGUSD. If silver market is very strong, the price could go up to $17.20.

<< Closed  SPOT SILVER (XAGUSD) +1.23pt (+8.08%)
- BUY Positions:  Units: 5, Average Profit: 1.23pt (8.08%), Average Entry Price: 15.22, Average Closed Price: 16.45, Average Holding Days: 3

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (22:28 EST)
As expected, Silver (XAGUSD) moves strongly. I do not know how high it will go. $ 16.15 and $ 16.45 are meaningful prices. So, I am going to close the buy-position at that range. Platinum (CME NYMEX: PL) and AUDUSD look good. It would be better to wait for the opportunity to buy AUDUSD.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (00:40 EST)
>> Strategy - Crude Oil, CME NYMEX: CL - BUY :
Entry price 57.5 Target price 64.65 (+12.43%) Stoploss 56.05 (-2.52%)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Experts say US dollar are going to be collapsed. I also think so, but not yet.
>> Long term Strategy - USD Index Futures, ICE: DX - BUY :
Entry price 96.65 Targe…

SUGAR #11 Futures Price Long Term Forecast (ICE US: SB) - BUY, up to 17.85 (+45.71%) - Commodity Trading Today

Agricultural product markets are very active. Corn and Sugar look good. I do not know whether the upward trends have begun. We need to put an interest in the agricultural products.

Sugar price chart looks very good. We seem to be expecting sugar futures prices to go up to 18.75. The support line (stop loss) is 11.30. The key price is 13.0. It would be better to look for the opportunities to buy.

SUGAR #11 Futures Price Forecast (ICE US: SB)
Long Term BUY(Long)
Eentry Price  12.25
Target Price  17.85  (+5.6pt, +45.71%)
Stoploss Price  11.35  (-0.9pt, -7.35%)

[ICE US: SB, Sugar #11 futures monthly chart]

CME NYMEX: CL - WTI Crude oil prices forecast, Up to $ 79 - Commodity Trading Today

Will the crude oil prices go up again? Yes, they will. Oil markets are still very hot and unstable. This situation is likely to last for a long time. Oil prices have dropped sharply, and this is opportunities to buy.

WTI is likely to go over $ 70.0. $ 63.0 is a resistance. Brent oil will go over $ 79.0 and $ 70.0 is a resistance. It would be better to look for opportunities to buy.

[WTI oil price weekly chart]