Closed SILVER (Spot) BUY Position +16.42%

Closed silver buy-position. The market looks weak. There seems to be a possibility that the silver prices will fall further. However, I think silver prices will go up higher. I'll wait for an oppertunity to buy again.

<< Closed  SILVER (Spot) BUY Position +16.42%
Profit: 2.455pt (16.42%),
Entry Price: 14.95,
Closed Price: 17.405,
Holding Days: 117

NASDAQ: AAPL Apple Stock price Long-term forecast : UP to 335

Apple stock price attracts our attention. The price appears to have started a new upward trend. The target price could be 335 dollars. When the price drops, it will be good opportunity to buy.

When people talk about Apple, they think of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, ... In other hand, they are interested in Cashless. So-called They are speeding up on it. We need to think about this point.

NASDAQ: AAPL Apple stock trading strategy
B/S : Buy the drop
Entry : 227.75
Target : 335.40 (107.65, +47.27 %)
Stop : 215.15 (12.60, -5.53 %)

[NASDAQ: AAPL Apple Stock price monthly chart]

Closed SUGAR #11 (ICE: SB Futures) BUY Position +14.86%

Closed the position. Sugar prices have reached a strong resistance line, and their movement is weakening. It is expected to fall again, the support level will be 11.50 or so. We need to keep an eye on sugar market.

<< Closed  SUGAR #11 (ICE: SB Futures)
BUY Position
Profit: 1.65pt (14.86%)
Entry Price: 11.1
Closed Price: 12.75
Holding Days: 12

Trading strategies today - Monday, October 7, 2019

Gold (Spot, XAUUSD) : There are no particular changes in the precious metal markets. The markets are on the upward movement. Fore gold, the decisive price is $ 1525. That price line will determines whether the price will rise above 1535, the high of last month. It is likely to rise and fall around $ 1507  for the time being. The resistance is $ 1520 and the supports are $ 1454 and $ 1433.

EURUSD Euro FX : The euro is on the downward trend. For EUR/USD, 1.1 is a very important historical price. In the short term, the resistance is 1.105 and the support line is 1.088. If the rates soar above 1.105, it will be a good  opportunity to sell.

SOYBEAN (CME CBOT: ZS Futures) : Although the grain market is not ready yet, it is time for us to pay attention. Soybeans are relatively weak, but on the one hand they show a steady flow. The prices of soybean futures have just broken the meaningful resistance line, so they are likely to fluctuate. If the price falls, it would be better to look for an opp…

2019 - 2020 Soybean Futures prices Long-term forecast, up to 1200, CME CBOT: ZS

I said it would be better to be interested in grain. Grain has not begun to start upward trend yet. Preparations are almost finished for the upward trend. If the price falls, it would be better to look for buying opportunities.

Corn and wheat look good. Soybean looks better. For Soybean, 915 is a very important price level and it broke through that line. Resistances will be 1006 and 1060. If the prices take 1000 line fully, it will be a sign of a big rise. Of course, it will take some time. In that case, the first target price could be 1200. If the price falls, it will be a buying opportunity.

[Soybean Futures prices monthly chart]

Trading strategies today - September 28, 2019

GOLD (Spot) : Going UP to 1670 (target) - There are no change in the precious metal markets. This boring situation is likely to continue for some time. Meaningful prices for gold (XAU/USD) are $ 1454 and $1525. Fo silver, $ 16.75 and 18.70 are important. It would be better to watch with a positive view. I expect the prices of gold and silver to rise higher after this correction.

WTI CRUDE OIL (Futures) : Going UP to 91.3 (target) - I have a positive view of the crude oil markets. In my opinion, it is time to buy crude oil, not to sell them. As everyone can see, there is a fierce fight going on. Key prices are $ 56.0 and $ 58.76. I Bought some WTI at $ 55.14.

NATURAL GAS (Futures) : Natural gas prices are falling as expected. We'd better wait a little more. Key prices are $ 2.195, $ 2.35.

CORN (Futures) : As said, it seems that the grain markets are preparing something. They are not ready yet. Key price for Corn futures is 358. The prices will drop. We need to watch if the 380 level w…

Closed PLATINUM (Futures) BUY Position +15.49%

Closed the platinum buy-position today. It looked as if the correction could be some large. I think the prices of platinum futures will go higher. A meaningful price level is $ 880.0. Over time, a good opportunities to buy are likely to come again. I will wait.

<< Closed  PLATINUM (Futures) BUY Position +15.49%
Profit: 127.2pt (15.49%), Entry Price: 821, Closed Price: 948.2, Holding Days: 77