Closed Gold (Spot XAU/USD) BUY Position +10.63%

The rise in gold prices is not over yet. However, the correction seems to be prolonged or deepened. They are likely to fall to 1409 dollars or 1355 dollars. I will wait and see for a while.

<< Closed Gold (Spot XAU/USD)
Market: Spot Gold (XAU/USD)
Position: BUY
Profit: 144.55 (10.63%)
Entry Price: 1360
Closed Price: 1504.55
Holding Days: 138 (Jun 20, 2019 - Nov 5, 2019)

Closed NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE) BUY Position, +287.97%

NextEra (NEE) Stock prices may go up higher. In my opinion, it's time to sell NEE stocks. Rockets also have their peaks. I'll put this stock out of my mind for a while.

<< Closed NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE) BUY Position :

Profts 236 (+287.97 %),
Closed price 236,
Entry price 60.83,
Holding days 2785 days (March 13, 2012 - October 28, 2019)

2020 ~ 2021 E-mini S&P 500 (CME: ES Futures) Long-term forecast : up to 3615 (+20.3%)

S&P 500 Index futures seem to be starting a new rise. CME ES Futures prices stood above the 3015 line, which is very important. This may be a signal that they will rise higher.

If my expectation is correct, the target could be 3615 line. They are likely to fluctuate around 3260 line.

There are various opinions about the U.S. stock market. Many experts talk of a stock market crash. From a long-term perspective, I agree with them. However, I think, not yet.

Market E-mini S&P 500 (CME: ES Futures)
Trade : BUY the Dip
Entry : 3005
Target : 3615 (610, +20.3 %)
Stop : 2815 (190, -6.32 %)

[E-mini S&P 500 (CME: ES Futures) monthly chart]

Closed COTTON #2 ICE CT Futures BUY Position +7.97%

Cottons prices have failed to rise through the resistance line of 66.0 and getting weaker. They still seem to need some more time. I will wait until they are ready.

Market : Cotton #2 ICE US : CT Futures
Position : BUY
Profit : +4.77 (+7.97%)
Entry Price : 59.88
Closed Price : 64.65
Holding Days : 27 days (from Monday, September 27, 2019 to Thursday, October 24, 2019)

2020 ~ 2021 FTSE China A50 (XIN9, SGX: CN Futures) Long-term Forecast - up to 17300

Chinese stock indexes look good. Hang Seng Index (HKEX 50) and Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index (SSE 50) are also good.

FTSE China A50 seems to be preparing to rise higher. Now, it seems that the preparations are almost finished. In the long run, FTSE China A50 futures prices are likely to rise up to 17300. They will rise up to 15000 at least. 14590 will be a resistance, so they will fluctuate at that level.

In the short term, they are likely to fall a little. If they fall below 13700, it will be opportunities to buy. The chinese indexes will move without asking whether China's economic condition is good or bad.

[ FTSE China A50 (XIN9, SGX: CN Futures) Weekly chart]

Closed SILVER (Spot) BUY Position +16.42%

Closed silver buy-position. The market looks weak. There seems to be a possibility that the silver prices will fall further. However, I think silver prices will go up higher. I'll wait for an oppertunity to buy again.

<< Closed  SILVER (Spot) BUY Position +16.42%
Profit: 2.455pt (16.42%),
Entry Price: 14.95,
Closed Price: 17.405,
Holding Days: 117

2020 ~ 2025 NASDAQ: AAPL Apple Stock price Long-term forecast : UP to 335

Apple stock price attracts our attention. The price appears to have started a new upward trend. The target price could be 335 dollars. When the price drops, it will be good opportunity to buy.

When people talk about Apple, they think of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, ... In other hand, they are interested in Cashless. So-called They are speeding up on it. We need to think about this point.

NASDAQ: AAPL Apple stock trading strategy
B/S : Buy the drop
Entry : 227.75
Target : 335.40 (107.65, +47.27 %)
Stop : 215.15 (12.60, -5.53 %)

[NASDAQ: AAPL Apple Stock price monthly chart]