News weekly : must read and consider - Wednesday, March 24, 2021

News weekly : must read and consider
Greyerz - Gold Is Now Headed To $3,000, But I’ve Been Receiving Some Interesting Emails
- Both fundamentally and technically a stock market crash is guaranteed whether it starts tomorrow or if we first will see a final meltup. And this time it won’t be a V bottom like March 23, 2020 but an L bottom lasting at least a decade.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Could Surge to $300,000
- Bitcoin's value could surge as high as $300,000 with possible gains up to $100,000 this summer, the co-founder and former CEO of China-based crypto exchange BTCC, and founder and CEO of crypto wallet startup Ballet Bobby Lee said

Look At Who Just Warned A New Black Hole May Be Forming In The Financial System

“The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money.

GOLD & SILVER BULL CATALYST: A Tidal Wave Of Money Will Pour Into This Sector
-Finding the most promising larger trends is key to both swing/position trading and for long term investing. This ratio has just confirmed my FBO call by closing back inside my 60 year blue falling wedge again. The age of commodities has started.

Russia prepared for possibility of being cut off from SWIFT, Kremlin say
-With anti-Russian sanctions gathering momentum, particularly in the US, President Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov says he does not exclude the possibility of Russia being unplugged from the SWIFT financial network.

Pakistan PM Tests Positive for COVID-19, Self-Isolates Just Days After Taking Vaccine

Covid ? Bioethics, Eugenics And Death Panels ? A WARNING
-“There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”

“The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money. “Insane Lockdown” of the Global Economy, “The Green Agenda”
- The top-down reorganization of the world economy by a cabal of technocratic corporativists, led by the group around the Davos World Economic Forum? the so-called Great Reset or UN Agenda 2030? is no future proposal. It is well into actualization as the world remains in insane lockdown for a virus. The hottest investment area since onset of the coronavirus global lockdowns is something called ESG investing.
- This highly subjective and very controlled game is dramatically shifting global capital flows into a select group of “approved” corporate stocks and bonds. Notably it advances the dystopian UN Agenda 2030 or the WEF Great Reset agenda. The development is one of the most dangerous and least understood shifts in at least the past century.

American Bus-Riding Students Required to Carry RF ID Tags So If One Tests Positive for COVID, School Can Contact Families