News weekly : must read and consider - Saturday, March 20, 2021

News weekly : must read and consider
Yuan going global: China tests its digital currency on e-commerce platforms
- As part of a push to internationalize the yuan, China has been testing its digital currency on trading platforms around the world where it can be freely traded with other fiat currencies.
- The Note project is very emblematic of China’s approach to internationalize the digital yuan

Gold Will Triumph As Higher Interest Rates Would Be Catastrophic
- more inflation, more money printing & more currency devaluation is ahead of us! Gold will triumph in its critical role of preserving capital in a debt-sick world marked by dangerous speculation and openly dying currencies…

Swiss Firm Issues Major Report On Gold & Silver’s Fictional “Paper” Price
- Take my two favorite, misunderstood, yet historically-confirmed stores of genuine rather than paper (or even crypto) value: Gold & silver.

- The Controversially Insane
- The Openly Insane
- The Death of Free Markets
- The COMEX Futures Market –Making the Complex (and Rotten) Simple
- From Simple to Manipulated
- Worthless Paper…

Goodbye Economic Growth, Now It's Over

“Houston, we have a Problem”: 85% of Silver in London already held by ETFs

New Document Exposes How This Company Tracks Car Locations In Real-Time Almost Anywhere In The World
- This data is being packaged up into a new service and pitched to the US government as a powerful surveillance technology.
- Ulysses Group, Currently, over 15 billion vehicle locations around the world

2013 Rockefeller Paper Predicted Isolation, the Death of Physical Interaction & Global Health Police
- t the 2013 Global Health Summit in Beijing, China, 112 key individuals from governments, the private sector, international organizations, and other groups, met to discuss how the next 100 years of global health may look. The summit released a white paper, titled: Dreaming the Future of Health for the Next 100 Years, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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