UNDERSTANDING THE WAR INDUSTRY : Book everyone should read​

UNDERSTANDING THE WAR INDUSTRY : Book everyone should read​

Book reviews :

To an ever-increasing extent, the business of America is the business of war. But although Americans live in the shadow of a war economy, few understand the full extent of its power and influence. Thanks to Christian Sorensen’s deeply researched book into the military-industrial complex that envelops our society, such ignorance can no longer be an excuse.

A devastating account of American militarism, brilliantly depicted, and exhaustively researched in an authoritative manner. Sorensen’s book is urgent, fascinating reading for anyone who wants to save the country and the world from political, economic, and ecological disaster. Its message is so convincingly delivered that it will change many open minds forever and for the better.

It has long been obvious that America’s numerous, hugely expensive and destructive and seemingly perpetual wars of choice have not been intended to serve any interests of the vast majority of the American people. In Understanding the War Industry, Christian Sorensen presents detailed and thoroughly documented evidence to convincingly support his conviction that the dominant force among those seeking war for the sake of war is the pursuit of profit maximization by the corporate “war industry”. He concludes: “There will be no escape from interminable wars until this reality is recognized and resisted.” This book offers a major contribution to that struggle.