XAG/USD Silver price forecast, Buy, target 36.5 ~ 40.5.

Silver is attracting people's attention.
How high will silver price rise?

Last December and last January, I said it was time to buy silver, as below.

" Sunday, January 24, 2021. Note :
It's time to be interested in silver. Sooner or later, it is expected to begin to move. Key prices are 25.79 and 26.78. Securing 26.78 would mean the next target would be 36.5, 40.50. If silver prices plunge, it will be a very good buying opportunity.

There is no change in my opinion.
As expected, silver prices are moving. In my view, this move is a start for a new high. Before the new high, there is a very strong resistance band, range of 36.5 and 40.5. When silver prices get into that range, there will be a very fierce fight. I guess silver would break out that resistance band. And silver prices will rise much higher than people can imagine. 57, 102 ...?

XAG/USD Silver price forecast, Buy, target 36.5 ~ 40.5.

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