Trading Strategy : Dow Jones and Stocks - June 2020

Sunday, Jun 14, 2020 EST
Stock index futures : The rebound seems to be over. However, it is not clear yet whether the trend has turned downward. Important prices to determine the future direction may be 25230 in Dow futures (CME CBOE: YM), 2976 in S&P 500 futures (CME: ES), and 9450 in NASDAQ 100 futures (CME: NQ). There are likely to be fierce battles at those price lines.

June 10 (Wed) (EST)
E-mini DOW Futures (CME CBOE: YM) : SELL, Entry 27143, Target 25000 (2143, +7.9 %), Stop 27625 (482, -1.78 %), Note : The rebounding of stock indexes seems to be over. Now, it's time to find a selling opportunity. Posted at 07:00 June 10 (Wed) (EST).

E-mini Dow Futures (CME CBOT: YM, Dow Jones index, DJIA) and Stocks : AAPL AMZN GOOGL MSFT HD UNH
Sunday, June 07, 2020
Stock indexes are likely to rise higher. Dow futures (CME CBOE: YM) will go up to 29100 in the short term.

What so-called they can do is to print dollars, and it will push the stock indexes higher. As everyone knows, the economic situation is very bad and countless people are losing their jobs. However, the stock markets are floating on the sea of dollars. This situation will continue in the future, because they have no other way.

NQ AAPL (Apple) : BUY, Entry 331 Target 398 (+20.24%)
NQ AMZN (Amazon) : BUY, Entry 2379 Target 3085 (+29.68%)
NQ GOOGL (Alphabet, Google) : BUY, Entry 1377 Target 1731 (+25.71%)
NQ MSFT (Microsoft) : BUY, Entry 185.5 Target 214 (+15.36%)
NY HD (Home Depot) : BUY, Entry 254 Target 298 (+17.32%)
NY UNH (UnitedHealth) : BUY, Entry 299.9 Target 387 (+29.04%)