CME NYMEX: CL WTI crude oil prices forecast, $59.9 $70.75 - Commodity Trading Today

Futures CFD trading WTI :  Crude oil prices fell sharply. This is an opportunity to buy. If the WTI falls below $ 61, it would be better to buy aggressively. I bought some today, and have placed MIT Buy orders at a slightly lower price.

$ 60 is a strong support line. The WTI will go up to at least $ 70. We have to think about what is happening in the Middle East and Latin America. I expect Brent and WTI oil to go much higher than $ 100.

[WTI crude oil prices weekly chart, CME NYMEX: CL]
WTI crude oil prices forecast, CME NYMEX: CL - Commodity Trading Today