USDRUB USD to RUB rate medium term Forecast, down to 59.45 - Forex Trading Today

Russian rubles are very stable and strong. In the medium term, USDRUB is likely to decline. The resistance line is 67.14. They may not rise over 67.14. The support line is 59.45. If they go up, it would be better to find opportunities to sell. It would be better to do sell-trading.

As everyone knows, Russia has sold off most of its dollar assets. Instead, they are buying gold. They have created their own financial system which does not depend on Western financial systems. Of course, Russia also has strong military power. Putin cherishes Russia's sovereignty, and the Russians support  Putin and his policies. In short, Russia is independent and strong. The rubles will be stronger in the future.

[USD/RUB rate monthly chart]
USDRUB USD to RUB rate medium term Forecast - down to 59.45