XAUUSD Gold Price forecast - Forex Trading Today

The markets are moving about in confusion. Experts are talking about the collapse of the stock market. The stock indexes are declining. Precious metal prices are also falling. It would be better to watch outside the markets.

Gold: Gold prices have stopped falling at the support line. The support line looks weak. I do not know if gold prices will fall further or rebound here. I have closed the sell-position. I will sell again when the gold price goes up. An important price line for XAUUSD is $ 1305.
<< Closed SPOT GOLD XAUUSD +21.83pt (+1.64%)

Silver: The flow of silver prices is similar to that of gold. They are likely to fall a little more. I expect XAGUSD to drop to $ 14.8. Since the price is close to $ 14.8, I will be ready to close the sell-position. The important price line for XAGUSD is $ 15.46.

[Gold price daily chart, XAUUSD]
Gold Price forecast and trading, XAUUSD - Gold Market Today
WTI: The crude oil market is on the sideways. The oil market is in a very unstable situation. The US and Israel said they would put troops to block Iran's oil exports. It would be better to watch outside the market now. Important price lines for WTI are $ 49.5, $ 54.4 and $ 63.1.

Euro: The forex market is moving as expected. The euro broke dwon a very important support line. It tells us that the euro will continue to decline. The important price lines for EURUSD are 1.1305 and 1.05. When EURUSD rises, it will be a good selling opportunity.

The Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar are moving as expected, so hold the positions. The important price lines for AUDUSD are 0.7087 and 0.6750. The important price lines for USDCAD are 1.3317 and 1.3631.

SP500: Stock indexes are declining. They stand in a very unstable position. It is very difficult to predict where stock indexes will go. Important price lines for SP500 are 2722 and 2658. It would be better to watch outside the market. It should be remembered that so-called they are mobilizing all means to support the stock indexes.