XAUUSD Gold Price forecast - Forex Trading Today

There seems to be a change in the flow of the market. It is better to be careful.

Gold: Gold prices may rise a little further. The critical price line is $ 1312.6. If it does not rise strongly over $ 1312.6, it means it will decline. If so, it will become a selling opportunity.

Silver is relatively weak compared to gold. Important price lines are $ 15.16 and $ 15.63. If silver shows a signal that the prices are not going to go up strongly, I will sell.

[Gold price daily chart, XAUUSD]
Gold Price forecast and trading, XAUUSD - Gold Market Today

Euro: The euro is rising unexpectedly. I do not know if it goes higher. I will watch outside the market. I will wait for the opportunity to sell. The key price line is 1.1356.

WTI: The oil market is unstable. The WTI hit the resistance line. The target price is $ 63.1. I will wait.

SP500: Stock indices are showing signals those things are not okay. Now, it is better to close the buy position and wait until the market tells new direction.
Reference Only. If you are looking for a reference for real trading, this may be the right place. I hope you do not copy, but hope you get your own better strategy by referring to the above and make a good trading.