CME CBOT: ZN, T-Note, 10-Year Treasury Note Futures prices Forecast - 126.1 and 128.5 - Bond trading today

On March 12th, I said that it would be better to buy treasury bond and note futures. Those who visited my blog did not read that article. On Twitter, the article did not get any attention. No expert said that the bond futures would go up. Investors did not show any interest. However, bond futures are soaring. My prediction was right.

10 Year Treasury Note Futures (CME CBOT: ZN) are likely to keep going up for a while. Important resistance lines are 126.1 and 128.5. The 125 and 127 range is a strong resistance band. At that price band, it seems to fluctuate severely. However, in the end it seems to go higher, whether people believe or not.

The important resistance lines of 30-year bonds futures (CME CBOT: ZB) are 155.3 and 161.7.

[10 years T-Note futures weekly chart, CME CBOT: ZN]
CME CBOT: ZN, T-Note, 10 Year Treasury Note Futures price Forecast - 126.1 and 128.5