XAUUSD Gold Price forecast - Forex Trading Today

>> Sold Gold at 1346.
>> Sold Silver at 16.2

The precious metal market continues to rise. It looks like it will go up endlessly. The investors and traders are thrown into a state of wild excitement.

Gold: It is certain that the gold price is too high. The gold market is not seeing resistance. Gold prices will drop to at least $ 1270. Silver prices will drop to $ 15. Now is the time to sell gold and silver.

[Gold price daily chart, XAUUSD]
Gold Price forecast and trading, XAUUSD - Gold Market Today

WTI: The oil market is moving as expected. Brent oil will go up to $ 68.5, and the WTI will go up to $ 57.5. Now the destination is short.

Copper: Copper prices may go up to 3.0. However, the possibility seems to be low. It would be better to find opportunities to sell.

Sugar: Sugar prices are rising as expected. It is likely to bring good returns.