EURUSD Euro rate Long term Forecast - down to 1.05 and 0.93 - Forex Trading Today

The euro is likely to go down. There seems to be a lot of experts and people expecting weak dollar. Everybody knows that the dollar value is declining. However, dollar will be strong against other currencies such as the euro, pound ....

Dollar will be collapsed someday in the future. However, other currencies will collapse before the dollar. This is probably why the dollar is strong against other currencies.

The key prices of EURUSD are 1.15 and 1.13. In the long term, it is likely to decline to 1.05, after that, to drop to 0.93. No one may agree with my opinion. If so, that means my prediction is correct.

[EURUSD rate monthly chart]
EURUSD Euro rate Long term Forecast - 1.05 and 0.93
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