CME NYMEX: PL Platinum Futures Prices Long Term Forecast, SELL(Short) - Commodity Trading Today

Platinum prices are likely to decline. Perhaps, it is likely to drop very much. When the price of platinum goes up, it is better to look for opportunities to sell. People may laugh about my opinion that platinum prices will drop to 530. However, platinum prices will go down.

Platinum Futures Price Forecast and Trading (CME NYMEX: PL): 
Long Term SELL(Short) 

Eentry Price  above 815.1 
1st Target Price  676.8  (+138.3pt,  +16.97%) 
2nd Target Price  531.8  (+283.3pt,  +34.76%) 
Stoploss Price  828.3  (-13.2pt,  -1.62%)

[Platinum price weekly chart, CME NYMEX: PL]
Platinum Futures Price Long Term Forecast (CME NYMEX: PL) - SELL(Short)