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The market seems to have lost sense of direction. It is in turmoil. This means peak and bottom.
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) at 1295.20

Gold: Gold prices are on the sideways. It will begin to decline sooner or later. If the gold price soars above $ 1,300, it will be a very good selling opportunity. Silver prices have already begun to decline. If gold and silver prices soar, I will sell more.

Eur: Those who talk about the dollar weakness offer a number of reasons. However, the market will move in the opposite direction. The euro will decline. EURUSD has already established a peak. I will hold the selling position. If it goes over 1.146, it will be a selling opportunity.

WTI: Crude oil prices are likely to go up a little more. It is likely to rebound to about $ 55. I will wait for the market to stabilize.

SP500: The stock index is likely to rise very slowly. The market is very unstable. It is better to be away from the market.

Sugar: We need to be interested in sugar. Sugar prices will rise. There is still opportunities to buy. If the price goes down, it will be a buying opportunity. The key price is 12.85.

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Gold Price forecast and trading, XAUUSD - Commodity Trading Pharos
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