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The market looks brilliant, but the quality is not good. They are losing direction and is wandering. The market seems to need time.
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) 2 units at 1303.0
>> Sold Silver (XAGUSD) 2 units at 15.72
<<  Closed SUGAR #11 Futures (ICE: SB) +0.18pt (+1.41%)

Gold: The precious metal market seems to be flying on a rocket. Many people seem to think that it is time to buy gold and silver. It seems that it is time to sell, not to buy. I sold gold and silver. If the prices go up, I will sell more. I do not know if I'm out of my mind. I believe in my own judgment.

WTI: Crude oil prices are likely to rebound to slightly higher levels. We must think that the WTI will fluctuate severely. I will wait for a good opportunity.

Euro: The euro has soared like a spring. If EURUSD climbs over 1.145, it will be a selling opportunity. I will hold the sell-position.
USDCAD is falling, as expected. If it declines to around 1.31, it would be better to look for buying opportunities. USDCAD is on the rise in the long run.

SP500: The stock indexes are expected to continue to rebound. The SP500 will go up to 2710. However, now is not a good time to enter the market.

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