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The market goes hither and thither. They seem to have lost direction.
<< Closed CORN Futures (CME CBOT: ZC) +4pt (+1.07%)

Gold: Gold prices seem to be getting ready to go down. If it fluctuates up to 1295, it would be a sell opportunity.
The silver prices are likely to fall sharply. It stands in a position to fall. If it soars up to 15.55, it will be a very good selling opportunity.

WTI: The crude oil market is likely to sidestep. If it soars now, it means plunge. It would be better to wait outside the oil market.

Euro: The euro has plummeted. EURUSD is likely to go lower. It seems to fluctuate severely around 1.122 line. I will hold sell-position.
USDCAD is rising little by little. There will be a chance we could buy around 1.32. It would be better to wait.

SP500: The stock price index will not collapse. However, entering the market now does not seem good. It is better to watch.

Corn: The grain market, unexpectedly, is weak. I have closed corn buy-position. I will wait for the corn to move strongly.
I will hold the sugar buy-position.

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