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The market is moving against the expectations of the experts. Today, the market seems to be out of chaos. It seems that it is regaining sense of direction.
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) at 1295.15

Gold: People seem to expect gold prices to keep rising. In my opinion, gold prices seem to be preparing for a plunge. It would be better to sell over $ 1295. If silver rises above $ 15.7, it will be a good selling opportunity.

WTI: Crude oil continues to rebound as expected. There is still room to go up yet. It may go up to $ 54.5. However, I will wait for the market to stabilize.
Corn: The grain market is not attractive, however, if corn price rises tomorrow, I will buy some. Sugar makes me disappoint today. Unexpectedly, it looks weak. I will watch until Monday. The key price of sugar is 12.53.

Eur: In the long run, the euro will continue to fall. The key rate for EURUSD seems to be 1.15. If the euro rises above 1.48, it is better to sell. I will hold the selling position.
SP500: The stock market is in a bad situation. However, the stock price index is likely to rise slightly. The SP500 is likely to rebound to around 2720. I will wait until the stock market stabilizes.

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