GBPUSD British pound rate forecast - 1.337 and 1.3564 - Forex Trading Today

The British pound has been strong for a month. It had soared last week, and it is quiet this week. If it rises strongly tomorrow, it seems to go up a little more.

If it continues to rise, the 1.337 line seems to be a very important resistance line. The next resistance line is likely to be 1.3564. However, it is unlikely to rise to that level.

In my opinion, GBPUSD is likely to drop more in the long run. It would be better to wait for the opportunity to sell rather than buy.

People say Brexit. Brexit is something on the surface and everyone knows. that is not important. What we need to think about is not Brexit itself but beyond.

[GBP USD rate weekly chart]
GBPUSD British pound rate forecast - 1.337 and 1.3564
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