ICE US: SB SUGAR #11 Futures Price Forecast, Long Term BUY(Long) - Commodity Trading Today

We need to be interested in sugar prices. It is not certain whether the bottom has been formed yet. Even if it is not the bottom, it is likely to bring good returns. It seems that the time has come to consider buying.

SUGAR #11 Futures Price Forecast and Trading (ICE US: SB): 
Long Term BUY(Long) 

Eentry Price  below 12.09 
1st Target Price  15.58  (+3.49pt,  +28.87%) 
2nd Target Price  19.62  (+7.53pt,  +62.28%) 
Stoploss Price  10.99  (-1.1pt,  -9.1%)

[Sugar futures price monthly chart]
SUGAR #11 Futures Price Forecast (ICE US: SB) - Long Term BUY(Long)
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