XAUUSD GOLD Price Short Term Forecast, SELL(Short) - Commodity Trading Today

Gold prices soared, and many experts and people say that gold prices will rise even higher. It seems that few people do not agree that it is rational for gold to rise. However, gold prices are likely to go down. It seems to be a good opportunity to sell gold now. It is better to sell aggressively above $ 1275.

GOLD Price Forecast and Trading (Spot, XAUUSD): 
Swing SELL(Short) 

Eentry Price  above 1275 
1st Target Price  1210.53  (+64.47pt,  +5.06%)
Stoploss Price  1287.67  (-12.67pt,  -0.99%)

[Gold price weekly chart, XAUUSD]
GOLD Price Short Term Forecast (Spot, XAUUSD) - SELL(Short)