XAUUSD Gold Price Long Term Forecast: SELL(Short) - Commodity Trading Today

It is reasonable for gold to rise. However, gold price is likely to go down. There is a group of villains  that has to crush the rise in gold price by all means, and the world people know who they are. Yet they seem to be alive, probably they are about to end.

SPOT GOLD (XAUUSD) Price Long Term Forecast and Trading Ideas: 
Long Term  SELL(Short)

Eentry Price  above 1226.00 
1st Target Price  1062.42  (+163.58pt,  +13.34%) 
2nd Target Price  972.65  (+253.35pt,  +20.66%)
Stoploss Price  1272.58  (-46.58pt,  -3.8%)

[Gold (XAUUSD) Monthly chart]
SPOT GOLD (XAUUSD) Price Long Term Forecast: SELL(Short)
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