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Monday, December  3, 2018
Gold : There are a lot of people who say that gold prices are going up, and experts say so too. However, it is better to watch a little more. The same goes for the Silver market.
Crude oil: It seems to be rebounding as expected. However, since the market has not stabilized yet, I will not buy additional contracts.
Agriculture: The agricultural market is not good shape to be interested.
Sugar: We need to be interested in sugar. Sugar prices are likely to rise again.

Weekend market summary and next week's strategies.

Gold : Expectations for the gold market seem to be growing. But the gold market does not look good. It would be better to sell if it goes over $1240.
The silver market is worse than the gold market. Silver prices are likely to fall sharply. It would be better to sell.
Platinum: Platinum prices are moving as expected. It would be better to find opportunities to sell.
Copper: There seems to be a lot of people expecting copper prices. Copper prices seem to be in the process of getting ready to go down one step further.
Crude Oil: The oil market is very bad. It is very unnatural. It is necessary to consider the rebound very carefully.
Agriculture: The grain market does not look good for trading. It seems to go up a little. Corn and soybean look better.
Sugar: Sugar prices are likely to rise once more. It would be better to find opportunities for buying.

[Spot Gold price weekly chart]
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