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The situation in the UK does not seem good. Many people talk about Brexit (British withdrawal from the European Union). Of course, that can be one reason.

However, it is necessary to see the truth as it is, hidden in the Brexit. We need to see what the UK is based on and how the base is changing.

The pound is likely to fall more deeply. It would be better to find opportunities to sell.

GBPUSD Forecast and Trading (Britsh Pound to US Dollar rate): 
Long Term SELL(Short) 

Eentry Price  above 1.3076 
1st Target Price  1.1915  (+0.1161pt,  +8.88%) 
2nd Target Price  1.0583  (+0.2493pt,  +19.07%)
Stoploss Price  1.3391  (-0.0315pt,  -2.41%)

[GBPUSD exchange rate monthly chart]
GBPUSD Forecast (Britsh Pound to US Dollar rate - Long Term SELL(Short)
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