AUDUSD Australian Dollar rate forecast, Swing SELL(Short) - Forex Trading Today

The Australian dollar is likely to go up a little further. However, it is likely to drop again soon. It looks better to find opportunities to sell when AUDUSD is up.

AUDUSD (Australian Dollar to USD rate) Price Forecast and Trade Ideas for Swing Trading: 

Eentry Price  above 0.7279 
1st Target Price  0.7085  (+0.0194pt,  +2.67%)
Stoploss Price  0.7305  (-0.0026pt,  -0.36%)

[AUDUSD daily chart]
AUDUSD forecast and trading -Australian Dollar to USD rate - Swing SELL(Short)
⭐ Swing Trading is a short-term(days to a couple of weeks) trading method and focuses on taking smaller gains.