2018 Stock Market Forecast and Trade Ideas - Stock trading today

As everyone knows, the US economy is in a very bad situation.

Many experts warn of the US stock market collapse. It has been on the rise for many years.

This reality proves that the US stock indexes do not move based on economic conditions. Why does the US stock index go up?

A number of experts have already pointed this out clearly. The stock indexes are being pushed up by not economy, but an artificial force.

A huge amount of dollar printing which is called quantitative easing (QE), making military-industrial complex richer by maximizing the nuclear war risk in Asia and by generating armed conflicts all over the world, making financial cartels richer by driving cash-banned society and digital currency, ... As a result, only a few rich companies are getting richer, and their stock prices are skyrocketing endlessly. And the stocks of large corporations are raising stock indexes.

What will happen next year in 2018? There will be no difference from now. If there will be change, it will be that their such behaviors will become even worse.

Trump and its allies have already set fire to the Middle East by officially declaring Al-Quds(Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel.

They will maximize the risk of nuclear war and continue to do very dangerous nuclear confrontations in Asia. They are going to try their hardest to drive the world into a cash-banned (cashless) society.

Of course, it is clear that they will be thoroughly defeated in every way. They themselves may also be aware of it. Since they have already lost practical and real power, there is no other way to them. They are rushing to the path of horrible destruction.

Where is the US stock market now? It seems that US stock market stands at the last phase just before collapsing. Stock indexes will go up further towards the end.

In other words, investing in stocks now is like gambling with very high risk. Whether or not to gamble with high risk is trader's own choice.

It would be better to consider using individual stock futures or stock CFDs rather than the stock itself. Futures and CFDs allows sell-trading.

We hope everybody who visits here will be happier in 2018.
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