News weekly : must read and consider - Saturday, January 30, 2021

News weekly : must read and consider
NO SILVER LIQUIDITY IN LONDON: This “Could Destabilize All Gold & Silver Contracts” As Reddit Silver Short Squeeze Continues
- The bullion bank silver short on Comex is about 100 million ounces and there is no liquidity in London. It won’t take much to put a rocket under the price, as we are now seeing. Could destabilise all PM contracts.
- Silver On The Way To $100 : Not only that, but silver is also the cheapest financial asset on the planet. By far. Still 50% below its double top all time high at $50. It makes $100 easily.

REDDIT TRADERS TARGET SILVER: Man Who Oversees Nearly $160 Billion Says Silver May Be Poised To Skyrocket
- The short answer is, yes, absolutely. I look at this more from the vantage point of ‘Okay, what’s the ratio of silver to gold?’ That ratio is better than historic norms. It’s in the bottom 20% of the historical range. So silver is pretty cheap. That’s good. You look at silver pricing relative to cost of extraction, that’s better than the picture for gold…

Gold/Silver Ratio Testing Major Support
-Gold/Silver Ratio testing major support. If it breaks, expect silver to take off to the upside, reaching $30 in short order.

Central Banks Created Niagra Falls Of Printed Money And Debt, Gushing Down Chaotically All Over The World
- Covid allowed central banks to create a Niagara Falls of printed money and debt, gushing down chaotically over the world.
- Unprecedented 72.3% p.a. growth in M1 money supply. More money printing on the way as Federal Reserve says it will continue same course by buying $120b of debt to transform into currency.

Ray Dalio calls bitcoin ‘one hell of an invention,’ but a huge risk for investors
- Cryptocurrencies are offering traders protection against the debasement of fiat money, but pose a serious risk of losing the bulk of the investment.

Dawn of Bitcoin price discovery 2009 ? 2011: The very early Bitcoin exchanges
- While the prices established for Bitcoin during those times, from 1500 BTC for a $1 in October 2009 to even 1 BTC for $1 in February 2011, are historically interesting, maybe the more lasting contribution of these early exchanges is that they paved the way for the massive and ever accelerating crypto ecosystem which has been built on their foundations.

Chinese Bombers Staged Simulated Attacks on US Aircraft Carrier Near Taiwan
- Chinese warplanes simulated missile strikes on a nearby US aircraft carrier during an apparent incursion into the southwestern zone of Taiwan's air defences last Sunday.

My View (Trading ideas weekly)

Gold (XAU/USD Spot)
Buy, Entry 1846, Target 1896 (2.71%), Stop 1830 (-0.87%)

Silver (XAG/USD, Spot)
Buy, Entry 26.98, Target 30.3 (12.31%), Stop 24.8 (-8.08%)

It seems it's time to pay attention to the silver price.