XAUUSD Gold Price forecast, down to $1250 $1215 - Forex Trading Today

The market is moving as I expected. The market says that brilliant writings do not help traders.

Gold: Gold prices will fall a little more. The support line of $ 1269.5 is weak. XAUUSD will test the $ 1250 line. If the $ 1250 line is weak, the support line below is $ 1215. The resistance line is $ 1288.5.

Silver prices will fall further. We need to consider the possibility of a sharp drop of XAGUSD. The resistance line is $ 14.99 and the support line is $ 14.17. To lower the gold prices, the silver should fall more. I will hold the sell-position.

[Gold price daily chart, XAUUSD]
Gold Price forecast, XAUUSD - Gold trading today

WTI: The market says crude oil prices will not fall. They will begin to rise again in the not too distant future. Of WTI, supports are $ 62.65 and $ 61.58. If crude oil prices fall, it will be an opportunity to buy.

Euro: The euro is in a downward trend and euro will continue to decline. The euro will not ask about the European economic situation. The resistance lines of ERUUSD are 1.124 and 1.1282. EURUSD will fall to 1.0817. The dollar will be relatively strong against other currencies.