XAUUSD Gold Price forecast and trading, down to $1269.5 - Forex Trading Today

The market is getting confused again. Sooner or later, the market seems to shake.

Gold: The gold prices are very close to the support line of $ 1269.5. XAUUSD is likely to drop a little more. Gold prices will drop to $ 1250. But it seems to take a little time.

Silver is struggling to keep $ 14.95. $ 14.95 is a support line but it does not look strong. XAGUSD will drop to $ 14.68. The resistance line is $ 15.16. I will hold the sell-position.

[Gold price daily chart, XAUUSD]
Gold Price forecast and trading, XAUUSD - down to $1269.5 - Gold market today

WTI: Crude oil prices have stopped rising at their resistance line. They will start rising again, some later. The WTI will go over $ 70 in the medium term. If the WTI declines, it will be a good opportunity to buy.

Euro: The euro will not rise. The resistance line of EURUSD is 1.133. It would be better to find opportunities to sell. The euro is trapped in a very narrow range. It is not a good time to trade.