XAUUSD Gold Price Forecast - down to $ 1250 - Commodity Trading Today

The market is very complicated. Gold prices are likely to decline. The important price lines, as I said before, is $ 1312 and $ 1303. XAUUSD failed to overcome 1312 line and it is falling below 1303. This means that gold prices will fall further. The support line is likely to be $ 1251.

It should be kept in mind that the current market is very unstable. There is a fierce battle in the market. If the gold price drops below $ 1250, the market flow itself will change. Therefore, the gold market will never be quiet. I do not know if Sell side will win or Buy side will win.

[XAUUSD Gold Price daily chart]
XAUUSD Gold Price Forecast - down to $ 1250
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