CME COMEX: HG COPPER Futures, closed +0.104pt (+3.53%) - Commodity Trading Today

I have closed the copper futures sell-position. Trading was as expected. Copper prices will be locked in the 2.8 and 2.917 range for the time being. Some say copper prices will rise higher as like palladium. It might be. However, it is not yet.

<< Closed  COPPER Futures (CME COMEX: HG)
SELL Positions: 

Units: 4,
Average Profit: 0.104pt (3.53%),
Average Entry Price: 2.95,
Average Closed Price: 2.846,
Average Holding Days: 4

Closed COPPER Futures (CME COMEX: HG) +0.104pt (+3.53%)
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