Stock trading today - S&P 500 Index Futures to reach to around 2824, CME: ES, INX

Stock price indexes are rebounding strongly.
Many experts say the stock market will collapse. Someday a peak will be established. However, it seems not yet.

What we have to think about is what happens if the stock market is completely melted down at this moment. It seems that what left in the hand of US is only stock index, not stock market.

They are expected to use all methods and means to boost the stock index. Even though the stock market is in a mess, the stock index is likely to go up or sideways.

From a short-term perspective, S&P 500 is likely to rebound to around 2824. Perhaps, then it will fall again.

Last fall, I expected the SP500 to drop to 2329, and it was a very accurate prediction. I hope my forecast this time will also be right and will be helpful to visitors.

[S&P 500 Index Futures weekly chart]
S&P 500 Index Futures to reach to around 2824
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