Using TradingView charting and trading software for a long time - Review and Recommendation

TradingView is a web-based charting and trading tool made by the creators of  MultiCharts, a famous charting software.

We can handle Commodities, Forex, Stocks, Bonds and so on. What amusing us is that they offer a free version which is good enough for the common people.

I have been using it since the first release. It was somewhat unstable in the early days, but now it works reliably. In short, it is a very good tool. I recommend this tool to people who are looking for a online charting software.

When you go to their homepage, you will immediately see how many items and features they offer. If you ask me if I would recommend it, I would say Yes.
Their homepage :

Reference Only. If you are looking for a reference for real trading, this may be the right place. I hope you do not copy, but hope you get your own better strategy by referring to the above and make a good trading.