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US Dollar Index Futures (ICE: DX) is likely to take a sideways walk for a while. There are many experts who say that the dollar will fall. Also, many investors seem to think so.

However, my opinion is different. The dollar will not fall. Even if the dollar is not rising, it is likely to at least take a sideways walk. After that, the dollar will be relatively strong against other currencies.

If the dollar index futures price falls, it seems to be a buying opportunity.

The key price of USDX (ICE: DX) seems to be 97.825.
If it secures this price line safely, it will be a signal telling that it will go higher.

If it falls, it would be better to look for opportunities to buy.

[US Dollar Index futures monthly chart, ICE: DX, DXY, USDX]
ICE: DX, US Dollar Index Futures forecast - Sideways
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