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Friday, December 28, 2018
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) at 1282.00
>> Sold EURUSD at 1.1455
The rising power of gold prices is weakening. It will begin to decline soon. I have solid gold and Euro. The last market in 2018 has closed for a brighter nex year.

Thursday, December 27, 2018
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) at 1278
>> Sold Silver (XAGUSD) at 15.58
Gold, silver, euro, and stock index ... all rose. In particular, silver surged. I sold gold and silver. Gold will begin to decline soon. It may be a little higher. But it will be a peak and I will sell more.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) 2 units at 1279.00
>> Sold Silver (XAGUSD) 2 units at 15.15
Gold: As expected, gold and silver prices soared. I have sold. It looks like it could go over $ 1280, then, I will sell more.
WTI: Crude oil seems to keep $40. The closing price was higher than the open price. The decline seems to have stopped now. There is a high possibility of a rebound. However, I will wait.
Corn: 370 seems to be an important price. We will watch how it moves on this price line.
Euro: The dollar was strong against other currencies. The euro is likely to continue to decline. If it goes up, I will sell.
SP500: All stock indexes rose sharply. However, the shape is not good. It is likely to drop to the low level of today. I will wait.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Gold: Gold prices are going up. If it goes over $ 1270, I will sell more and more aggressively.
WTI: It seems that the time for the rebound is near. I will wait.
Grain: We need to be constantly interested in grains. I am watching corn and sugar.
Euro: If it goes up, I will sell more. 
SP500: We are watching where the stock index will rebound.

Monday, December 24, 2018
>> Sold Gold (XAUUSD) at 1269.02
>> Sold EURUSD at 1.1435
Gold: Gold prices soared. So I sold it. If it goes up to $ 1270, I will sell more.
Euro : If the euro rises higher, I will sell it.
SP500 : In the case of the S&P 500, the closing price was lower than the open price, so I did not buy it.

Weekend market summary and next week's strategies.

There are many experts who say that gold prices will continue to rise. They talk about these and other things. We can not exactly see the future. Their opinion may be correct. However, my thoughts are different. Gold prices are unlikely to go up.

Gold : It seems that gold prices may go up a little more. However, it is unlikely to exceed $ 1270. If it goes up to $ 1270, I will actively sell. The silver prices are the same. If silver rises above $ 15, I will sell aggressively.

Copper : Copper prices are likely to fall sharply. The chart says so. There is no reason for copper prices to be as high as they are now. It would be good to find opportunities to sell copper.

WTI : Crude oil prices are likely to continue to decline. Perhaps, it is likely to fall to $ 32.5. If the price of crude oil rises, I will look for opportunities to sell.

Agricultural : Wheat prices are weakening. Corn prices look better than wheat. It is better to wait a little longer. Sugar is also the case.

Euro : The euro will continue to decline. The euro should be a scapegoat to save the dollar. It would be better to sell euro (EURUSD) and Australian dollar (AUDUSD).

S&P 500 : Stock indexes are likely to fall further. However, now there is a risk of selling. It would be better to wait.

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