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Friday, November 23, 2018
As expected, the gold and silver markets have been weakened, especially the silver market. Sold Silver, platinum and copper.

>> Sold Platinum Futures (CME NYMEX: PL) at 848.80
>> Sold Copper Futures (CME COMEX: HG) at 2.80
>> Sold Silver (XAGUSD) at 14.479

## Now a new loan loss crisis is unfolding. The new crisis is not in mortgages but in student loans. - James Rickards
## Next crisis is likely to be triggered by excessive debt, specifically corporate debt. - Paul Tudor Jones
## Multiple Risks: Next crisis will seem to come from everywhere at once, foreign exchange market, overvalued equities or commercial real estate.

Thursday, November 22, 2018
Gold: Gold and silver prices are rising. They are going up more than expected. However, the current rise seems to be a process for a deeper decline. If they go up a little more, I will find opportunity to sell. Silver and platinum seem to be better than gold.
Crude Oil: It is better to wait for the crude oil and natural gas markets to stabilize.
Agriculture:  There is no interest in the grain market.

>> Sold Silver (XAGUSD) at 14.48

## We expect the price of silver to rise to $17 per ounce by end-2019 - Ross Strachan

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Gold : Gold and silver prices are going up following last week. There seems to be optimistic view in the precious metal markets. However, it is not yet the time. I will find opportunity to sell at this rebound. Especially, I would like to sell silver.
Crude Oil: The crude oil market is not yet attractive. I will wait for a good signal.
Agriculture: The grain market is weak, unexpectedly. However, it seems that it is not the time to sell.
Sugar: Sugar prices are not showing a strong rebound. Probably, due to the very strong resistance area. I'll wait a little longer.

>> Sold Copper (CME COMEX: HG) at 2.82 and 2.799 each.
<< Closed SUGAR #11 Futures (ICE: SB) +0.01352pt (+13.13%)

# Gold Needs To Push Past $1,240 An Ounce To Signal A Trend Reversal - Greg Harmon (Dragonfly Capital)
# French bank pays huge US fine for doing business in Cuba, Iran.
# Iran: US has failed to stop oil exports. - Hassan Rouhani

Monday, November 19, 2018
Gold: The gold and silver markets do not look good, will wait for the opportunity to sell.
Crude oil: The rebound of crude oil price is weak, will close the buy-position.
Agriculture: The grain market is weak. will close the corn buy-position.
Sugar: Sugar prices seem to start rising again, will buy a little more.

<< Closed WTI CRUDE OIL Futures (CME NYMEX: CL) +0.08pt (+0.14%)
<< Closed CORN Futures (CME CBOT: ZC) +9pt (+2.46%)
>> Bought Sugar (ICE: SB) at  1.201

Weekend market summary and next week's strategies.
Gold: The flow is in decline. It seems likely to rebound to $1246. If it rebounds, it will be an opportunity to sell.
Silver: It seems likely to rebound to $14.53. It would be better to sell more if it rebound.
WTI Oil: The decline seems to have stopped, but the bottom has not been made yet. It is better to read the market from the perspective of buying.
Natural gas: Natural gas is in a very risky phase. It is better not to enter the market.
Corn: The market looks weak, but it is likely to go up further.

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