EURUSD Euro Dollar exchange rate Short term forecast, Sell - Forex Trading Today

EURUSD is likely to decline a lot in the future. It would be better to consider the euro from the Sell point of view and trade.

EURUSD (Euro to US Dollar Rate) Long Term Forecast and Trading Ideas: 
Long Term  SELL(Short)

Eentry Price  above 1.1541 
1st Target Price  1.0473  (+0.1068pt,  +9.25%) 
2nd Target Price  0.9186  (+0.2355pt,  +20.41%)
Stoploss Price  1.1806  (-0.0265pt,  -2.3%)

[EURUSD Exchange rate Monthly chart]
EURUSD (Euro to US Dollar Rate) Price Long Term Forecast: SELL(Short)