Best Dow 30 Stocks and major Nasdaq Stocks - UTX:NYSE, United Technologies - Stock trading today

The US stock market is so hot that iron is likely to melt down.

When the market enters this phase, almost all the stocks go up. In other words, any stocks will give profits if it is not a defaulting company.

People think only that stocks are going up in losing the power of thinking. It is a very precise condition. This is the end of the market. A very scary collapse is approaching.

It's a gamble, but traders can not help but watch the monitor and click the mouse.
The following stocks could bring good profit.

>> UTX:NYSE, United Technologies, Buy below 137, Target 302 (120.44%)
>> DIS:NYSE, Walt Disney, Buy below 112, Target 239 (113.39%)
>> NKE:NYSE, Nike Inc., Buy below 68, Target 141.2 (107.65%)
>> PFE:NYSE, Pfizer Inc., Buy below 39, Target 77.1 (97.69%)
>> VZ:NYSE, Verizon, Buy below 54, Target 104 (92.59%)
>> KO:NYSE, Coca-Cola, Buy below 48, Target 88.2 (83.75%)
>> INTC:NASDAQ, Intel Corp., Buy below 50, Target 81.5 (63%)
>> CSCO:NASDAQ, Cisco Systems, Buy below 42.5, Target 68 (60%)
>> GS:NYSE, Goldman Sachs, Buy below 268, Target 408 (52.24%)
>> DWDP:NYSE, Du Pont, Buy below 77, Target 109 (41.56%)

Trump and his henchmen make traders nervous. There seems to be only horrible things such as war, aggression, looting, destruction, assassinating, genocide, ... in their brains.

They say love, peace, justice, happiness ...
Do they not know what the words mean?

If they do not know, it means that they are stupid idiots. If they know, it means that they are liars. They are stupid nerds or wicked liars. They are not rational and honest.

What Americans should and have to think is that if they set fire against the world, the fire will burn the American public. US citizens should be responsible for sending Trump to the White House. The citizens shoud and have to watch the unbelievable man, and prevent his reckless act in advance.

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