Commodity Futures Trading : Gold Silver Commodity Futures prices chart for long-term forecast and position trading

Gold (GC1!) : COMEX_EOD:GC1!
Silver (SI1!) : COMEX_EOD:SI1!
High Grade Copper (HG1!) : COMEX_EOD:HG1!
High Grade Copper (COPPER) : FX:COPPER

WTI Crude oil (CL1!) : MYMEX_EOD:CL1!
Brent Crude oil (CB1!) : ICEEUR:CB1!
Brent Crude oil (UKOIL) : FX:UKOIL
Natural gas (NG1!) : NYMEX_EOD:NG1!

Soybean (ZS1!) : CBOT_EOD:ZS1!
Corn (ZC1!) : CBOT_EOD:ZC1!
Wheat (ZW1!) : CBOT_EOD:ZW1!
Live Cattle (LE1!) : CME_EOD:LE1!
Feeder Cattle (GF1!) : CME_EOD:GF1!

Sugar #11 (SB1!) : ICEUSA:SB1!
Cocoa (CC1!) : ICEUSA:CC1!
Coffee (KC1!) : ICEUSA:KC1!
Cotton #2 (CT1!) : ICEUSA:CT1!

Gold (XAU /USD): Sign: Au (from Latin 'aurum')). Code: XAU. XAU refers to the ISO 4217 standard code for One troy ounce of gold. Used throughout the world as real money. World consumption of gold: about 50% in jewelry, 40% in investments, and 10% in industry.

Silver (XAG / USD): Sign: Ag (from Latin 'argentum'). Code: XAG. XAU refers to the ISO 4217 standard code for One troy ounce of silver. Used throughout the world as real money. World consumption of silver: about 55% in industry. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc.
Platinum (XPT / USD)
Palladium (XPD / USD)

Copper (CME NYMEX, HG): Sign: Cu (from Latin 'cuprum'). Code XCU. Major applications of copper: about 60% in electrical wires, 20% in roofing and plumbing, 15% in industrial machinery and 5% in others.

Soybean (CME CBOT, ZS)
Wheat (CME CBOT, ZW) - Chicago SRW Wheat

Sugar (ICE US, SB) - Sugar No. 11. World benchmark for raw sugar trading. Physical delivery of raw cane sugar.
Orange Juice (ICE US, OJ) - FCOJ-A, Grade A Orange Juice
Canola (ICE Canada, RS) - Canola Seed

Cocoa (ICE US, CC) - Exchange-grade Cocoa
Coffee (ICE US, KC) - Coffee C, Exchange-grade Green Coffee Beans
Cotton (ICE US, CT) - Cotton NO. 2, Cotton of certain minimum standards of basis grade and staple length

Brent (ICE EUROPE, B): Brent Crude Oil. Sweet light crude oil. Extracted from the North Sea and comprises Brent Blend, Forties Blend, Oseberg and Ekofisk crudes (also known as the BFOE Quotation).

WTI (CME NYMEX, CL): WTI Crude Oil: West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil. Also known as "Texas light sweet".
International important oil markets: WTI Crude, Brent crude, Dubai Crude, Oman Crude, Urals crude, Venezuela crude.
Natural Gas (CME NYMEX, NG)

Position Trading : hold a position for the long-term (weeks to months and years) to profit from the move in the primary trend. Swing Trading : a short-term(days to a couple of weeks) trading method and focuses on taking smaller gains. Day Trading : Day trading could make it possible for trader to get some good profits fast. However, it can be very risky. It is very difficult to do and demands a high level of concentration. Trader has to sit in front of computer screens and practically glue their eyes to the price action. Day trader should use a risk-management method keeping capital losses to a minimum. Again, day trading could be Very Risky.