USD/BRL : 1 USD to BRL Long-term forecast, 1 US Dollar to Brazilian Real exchange rates (symbol: R$)

[ Terms ]
BUY : Buy (open buy-position)
BUY-Hold : Hold existing Buy-position without another buying
BUY-Add : Buy more with holding existing Buy-position
BUY-CloseN : Close all Buy-Positions Now, expected not to hit the target
BUY-CloseT : Close all Buy-Positions at around Target, expected to hit the target
SELL : Sell (open sell-position)
SELL-Hold : Hold existing Sell-position without another selling
SELL-Add : Sell more with holding existing Sell-position
SELL-CloseN : Close all Sell-Positions Now, expected not to hit the target
SELL-CloseT : Close all Sell-Positions at around Target, expected to hit the target
Watch : Watching with interest

Trading strategies and notes are updated from time to time depending on market conditions. When strategies and notes are updated, the previous contents are deleted. I hope you check often so that you don't miss profitable strategies.

Trading strategies are based on forecasts for the future, so they may be right or wrong. I hope you make a better strategy of your own by referring to the above and get a lot of profit from good trading.

Brazilian Real (Symbol: R$, Currency code: BRL)
Official currency of Brazil. Plural: Reais. Symbol: R$. Nickname: Pila (in Southern Brazil), Contos, Réis (plural). Date of introduction: July 1, 1994. The real replaced the cruzeiro real in 1994. Central bank: Central Bank of Brazil.