EUR/USD : 1 EUR to USD Long-term forecast, 1 Euro to US Dollar exchange rates (symbol: €)

[ Terms ]
BUY : Buy (open buy-position)
BUY-Hold : Hold existing Buy-position without another buying
BUY-Add : Buy more with holding existing Buy-position
BUY-CloseN : Close all Buy-Positions Now, expected not to hit the target
BUY-CloseT : Close all Buy-Positions at around Target, expected to hit the target
SELL : Sell (open sell-position)
SELL-Hold : Hold existing Sell-position without another selling
SELL-Add : Sell more with holding existing Sell-position
SELL-CloseN : Close all Sell-Positions Now, expected not to hit the target
SELL-CloseT : Close all Sell-Positions at around Target, expected to hit the target
Watch : Watching with interest

EUR/USD : 1 EUR to USD Long-term forecast, 1 Euro to US Dollar exchange rates (symbol: €)
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■ Euro area (Eurozone) currency : Euro (EUR)
The countries of Euro area (eurozone) use the euro (€) as their sole legal tender. Euro area is a monetary union of 19 of the 28 European Union (EU) member states.

Euro currency sign (symbol): € / c. Euro Currency code: EUR. Euro area (eurozone) country code: EU. 1 euro = 100 cents, 1€ = 100c. Euro area (eurozone) central bank is European Central Bank (ECB) and the headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany.

Euro nicknames: Fiber, Eυρώ (Greek), Eiro (Latvian), Евро (Bulgarian), Euró (Hungarian), Ewro (Maltese), Evro (Slovene), Euras (Lithuanian).

National currencies of the Eurozone countries before being replaced by the euro.
Austria currency : Austrian Schilling (ATS) replaced on 1999-01-01
Belgium currency : Belgian Franc (BEF) replaced on 1999-01-01
Cyprus currency : Cypriot Pound (CYP) replaced on 2008-01-01
Estonia currency : Estonian Kroon (EEK) replaced on 2011-01-01
Finland currency : Finnish Markka (FIM) replaced on 1999-01-01
France currency : French Franc (FRF) replaced on 1999-01-01
Germany currency : German Mark (DEM) replaced on 1999-01-01
Greece currency : Greek Drachma (GRD) replaced on 2001-01-01
Ireland currency : Irish Pound (IEP) replaced on 1999-01-01
Italy currency : Italian Lira (ITL) replaced on 1999-01-01
Latvia currency : Latvian Lats (LVL) replaced on 2014-01-01
Lithuania currency : Lithuanian Litas (LTL) replaced on 2015-01-01
Luxembourg currency : Luxembourgish Franc (LUF) replaced on 1999-01-01
Malta currency : Maltese Lira (MTL) replaced on 2008-01-01
Monaco currency : Monégasque Franc (MCF) replaced on 1999-01-01
Netherlands currency : Dutch Guilder (NLG) replaced on 1999-01-01
Portugal currency : Portuguese Escudo (PTE) replaced on 1999-01-01
San Marino currency : Sammarinese Lira (SML) replaced on 1999-01-01
Slovakia currency : Slovak Koruna (SKK) replaced on 2009-01-01
Slovenia currency : Slovenian Tolar (SIT) replaced on 2007-01-01
Spain currency : Spanish Peseta (ESP) replaced on 1999-01-01
Vatican City currency : Vatican Lira (VAL) replaced on 1999-01-01