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S&P 500 Index (Standard & Poor's 500 Index, US stock market)
It has many ticker symbols, such as: ^GSPC (Yahoo! Finance), INX (Google Finance), $SPX(MarketWatch). 500 stocks chosen for market size, liquidity and industry grouping. Market value weighted index. A best representation of the U.S. market.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, Dow Jones, Dow, Dow 30, Wall Street 30)
Consists of the following 30 major American companies. US stock market index that shows how 30 large publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded during a standard trading session in the stock market. Foundation: February 16, 1885 (as DJA) and May 26, 1896 (as DJIA), Operator: S&P Dow Jones Indices, Exchanges: New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ, Constituents: 30 companies, Weighting method: Price-weighted.

NASDAQ 100 Index : Abbreviated as NDX, NQ(E-mini, CME)
NASDAQ = National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations 100 Index. Made up of the largest non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ. Based on exchange, but not of U.S.-based companies. Modified capitalization-weighted index

PHLX: XAU - Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index)
An index of thirty precious metal mining companies that is traded on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange A capitalization-weighted index composed of companies involved in the gold or silver mining industry Established in January 1979 and its initial value was 100 XAU and HUI are the most popular indices for the precious metals mining stocks. XAU include hedgers and HUI doesn’t.

Netherlands AEX 25 Index (AEX: Amsterdam Stock Exchange)
Yahoo: ^AEX, Google: INDEXEURO:AEX, Marketwatch: AEX Euronext: AEX, Euronext: FTI (AEX Futures) A capitalization-weighted index. Maximum of 25 of the most actively traded Dutch companies on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (formerly Amsterdam Stock Exchange). Started from a base level of 100 index points on 3 January 1983. AEX Index home page AEX Futures (FTI) home page

Japan Nikkei 225 (JPX, Nikkei 225)
Nikkei Stock Average, includes top 225 blue-chip companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Premier index of Japanese stocks and calculated and published by a Japanese newspaper publisher Nikkei Inc. JPX - Japan Exchange Group.

Russia Index (MICEXINDEXCF: MOEX,  previous name - MICEX Index)
The MOEX Russia Index (before December, 2017 – MICEX Index) was launched on September 22, 1997. The Index is calculated in real time and denominated in rubles. The RTS Index was started on September 01, 1995. The Index is calculated in real time and denominated in US dollars.

The MOEX Russia Index (MICEX Index) is employed in order to temporary suspend trading in shares on the Exchange. Such temporary suspensions are carried out in accordance with the procedure set out in the Trading rules of PJSC Moscow Exchange and in cases stipulated in the Regulations on organization of trading on the stock market approved by the order of the Bank of Russia No 437-P as of October 14, 2014.

The Moscow Exchange Indices are capitalization-weighted composite indices calculated based on prices of the most liquid Russian stocks of the largest and dynamically developing Russian issuers with economic activities related to the main sectors of the Russian economy presented on the Exchange. MICEXINDEXCF: MOEX Russia Index Home page MICEX Index Futures (mini) Spec MICEXINDEXCF: MOEX Russia Index Chart

Venezuela Caracas Stock Exchange(BVC), IBC Index:, Stock Market General Index
The IBC Index from the Caracas Stock Exchange (BVC: Bolsa de Valores de Caracas), also known as the General Index, is a capitalization-weighted index of the 15 most liquid and highest capitalized stocks traded on the Caracas Stock Exchange. The index was modified from a previous existing index on August 28, 1997, but essentially continues to be the same. Caracas Stock Exchange (BVC) Home page IBC Index Chart

Tehran Stock Index: TEDPIX
TSE : Tehran Stock Exchange (بورس اوراق بهادار تهران‎) : Founded in 1967. Traded in Iranian rial. TEDPIX - TSE Dividend & Price "total return" Index. TEPIX - TSE All-Share Price Index, TEFIX-30 - TSE 30 Blue chip Index. Tehran Stock Exchange Homepage TEPIX Index Chart

India CNX NIFTY 50 index
National Stock Exchange of India's benchmark stock market index. Covers 22 sectors of the Indian economy. Free float market capitalisation weighted index. Exchange-traded futures and options at NSE in India, SGX in Singapore and CME in US. SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures Specification home page

Brazil BM&FBOVESPA Stock Index
Bovespa Index(IBOVESPA) is an index of about 50 stocks traded on the Bolsa de Valores Mercadorias & Futuros de São Paulo (BM&F BOVESPA). Brasil Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index Ibovespa Futures Specifications home page

Swiss Market Index (Swiss SMI 20 Index, Swiss 20 Index)
SIX: SMI, EUREX:FSMM (SMI futures) Switzerland's blue-chip stock market index. Made up of 20 of the largest and most liquid large-and mid cap stocks Weighting method - Market value-weighted. Operated by SIX Swiss Exchange which is Switzerland's principal stock exchange based in Zurich . Introduced on 30 June 1988 at a baseline value of 1500 points. SMI Home page  SMI futures home page

France CAC 40 index
Euronext Paris : PX1, Euronext: FCE (CAC 40 Futures) Yahoo: ^FCHI, Google: INDEXEURO:PX1, Marketwatch: PX1 A free float market capitalization weighted index. Capitalization-weighted measure of the 40 most significant values among the 100 highest market caps on the Euronext Paris. Its base value of 1,000 was set on 31 December 1987. CAC 40 takes its name from the Paris Bourse's early automation system Cotation Assistée en Continu (Continuous Assisted Quotation) EURONEXT CAC 40 home page EURONEXT:FCE (CAC 40 Futures) home page

Mexico IPC (Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones)
Capitalization weighted index of the leading stocks traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange, Developed with a base level of .78 as of October 30, 1978.  Futures contract based on the IPC is traded on MexDer. FUTURES CONTRACTS home page Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Mexbol, BMV)

Singapore Free (SiMSCI) Index Futures, MSCI 30 Stock Market Index, SGX, SiMSCI : SGX MSCI
Tracks the performance of the top 30 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. Capitalisation-weighted Index. SGX MSCI Singapore Index Futures home page

China Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HKEX, HSI)
Yahoo: ^HSI, Google: INDEXHANGSENG:HSI, MarketWatch: HSI Consists of the top 50 companies on the Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX, 香港交易所). A freefloat-adjusted market capitalization-weighted index. Underlying Index : Hang Seng Index, Contract Multiplier : HK$50 per index point, Minimum Fluctuation : One index point, Trading Hours : 9:15 am - 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm & 5:15 pm - 11:45 pm Hang Seng Index Futures Contract Summary page

Australia S&P/ASX 200 index (ASX: Australian Securities Exchange)
Market-capitalization weighted and float-adjusted index of Australian stocks on the Australian Securities Exchange from Standard & Poor's. S&P/ASX 200 index Futures Sepecification page

Yahoo:^STOXX50E, Google:INDEXSTOXX:SX5E, MarketWatch:SX5E A stock index of Eurozone stocks designed by STOXX, an index provider owned by Deutsche Börse Group. Blue-chip representation of Supersector leaders in the Eurozone. Made up of fifty of the largest and most liquid stocks. The index futures and options on the EURO STOXX 50, traded on Eurex. EURO STOXX 50 Home page EUREX: EURO STOXX 50 Futures Home page

UK FTSE 100 Index (Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index)
Also called FTSE or Footsie. Yahoo: ^FTSE, Google: INDEXFTSE:UKX, Marketwatch: UKX Consists of the largest 100 UK companies by full market value. A somewhat weak indicator of how the UK economy is, as a large slice of these are international companies. ICE Europe FTSE 100 Index Future specification home page

German DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex / German stock index, DAX 30)
Yahoo: ^GDAXI, Google: INDEXDB:DAX, MarketWatch: DAX A blue chip index consisting of 30 largest German companies in terms of order book volume and market capitalization, trading on the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB / Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Deutsche Börse DAX Indices Homepage DAX 30 companies (Components) list

Canada S&P TSX Composite Index: Toronto Stock Exchange Index - TMX:SCF
S&P/TSX Composite index - Yahoo: ^GSPTSE, Google: INDEXTSI:OSPTX, Marketwatch: GSPTSE, TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange Approximately 95% coverage of the Canadian equities market. And listed companies in this index account for about 70% of market capitalization for all Canadian-based companies listed on the TSX. A capitalization-weighted index and developed with a base level of 1000 as of 1975. Toronto Stock Exchange TMX: Montreal Exchange - Canadian Derivatives Exchange S&P/TSX Composite Index Mini Futures (SCF) Sepecification home page

Canada, S&P/TSX 60 Index
S&P/TSX 60 Index - Yahoo: TX60.TS, Google: INDEXTSI:OSP60, Marketwatch: SPTSE A stock market index of 60 large companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange A capitalization-weighted index Maintained by the Canadian S&P Index Committee, a unit of Standard & Poor's  TMX: Montreal Exchange - Canadian Derivatives Exchange S&P/TSX 60 Index Standard Futures (SXF) sepecification

China XIN9 : FTSE China A50 Index - SGX:CN
FTSE China A50 Index Futures are traded on Singapore Exchange (SGX) Real-time tradable index comprising the 50 largest A Share companies Being distributed on an intra-second streaming basis Offers the optimal balance between representativeness and tradability for China A Share market A Shares are securities of companies incorporated in mainland China that trade on the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges, quoted in Chinese Yuan (CNY). These shares are traded by Chinese or international investors (under the China Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) Regulations) and Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) Regulations) SGX FTSE China A50 Index Futures home page