Stock Trading Book : Blue-chip Stocks List and Price chart - Intensive Investment in Industry-Leading companies

The table above shows the current portfolio and performance and it may be helpful for Position traders. The goal is to profit from the move in the primary trend rather than the daily short-term fluctuations. Strategy and forecast can be right or wrong. For Reference Only.

Abbreviations used in the table are:
GOLD (NYSE:GOLD, Barrick Gold) NEM (NYSE:NEM, Newmont Mining) UNH (NYSE:UNH, UnitedHealth Group Inc.) TRV (NYSE:TRV, Travelers Companies, Inc) PGR (NYSE:PGR, Progressive Corporation) ALL (NYSE:ALL, Allstate Corporation) V (NYSE:V, Visa Inc.) MSFT (NASDAQ: MSFT, Microsoft) GOOGL (NASDAQ:GOOGL, Google Alphabet) AMZN (NASDAQ:AMZN, Amazon) AAPL (NASDAQ:AAPL, Apple) FB (NASDAQ: FB, FaceBook) JNJ (NYSE:JNJ, Johnson & Johnson) NKE (NYSE:NKE, Nike) HD (NYSE:HD, Home Depot) BA (NYSE:BA, Boeing) UTX (NYSE:UTX, United Technologies).

There are so many stocks in the markets. Too many stocks to watch and trade. I think it would be better to track and trade several industry-leading blue-chip stocks. This is because I know from the experience that investing in several industry-leading blue-chip stocks is safer and more profitable in general. Above are the stocks that I have interest in, focus on and trade.

Trading is based on the expectations of the future, it may be right or wrong. Trading brings a variety of results depending on various factors such as market, leverage, investment amount, chart time frame and so on. I hope this page to be a great help to visitors in getting good trading ideas.

Meaning of terms :
▷ BUY the Dip : The current price is higher than the entry price. Buy when price drops to/below the entry price.
▷ BUY the Breakout : The current price is lower than the entry price. Buy when price breaks upward through the entry price. ( When price moves above the entry price level.)
▷ SELL the Bounce : The current price is lower than the entry price. Sell when price rebounds to/above the entry price.
▷ SELL the Breakdown : The current price is higher than the entry price. Sell when price breaks downward through the entry price.  (When price moves below the entry price level.)

Position Trading. Position trading with monthly charts for holding positions for weeks to months. Not much demand on the trader's time.

Simple and Profitable. Key points in real trading are the present and the numbers. There are only practical and strategic figures.

Reference Only. I hope you do not copy above, but hope you get your own better strategies by referring to the above and make good profits.