Current Position and Performance Table - Futures Forex CFD

The table shows the current position and performance and it may be helpful for Position traders. The goal is to profit from the move in the primary trend rather than the daily short-term fluctuations. For Reference Only.

Position Trading : hold a position for the long-term (weeks to months and years) to profit from the move in the primary trend.
Swing Trading : a short-term(days to a couple of weeks) trading method and focuses on taking smaller gains.
Day Trading : Day trading could make it possible for trader to get some good profits fast. However, it can be very risky. It is very difficult to do and demands a high level of concentration. Trader has to sit in front of computer screens and practically glue their eyes to the price action. Day trader should use a risk-management method keeping capital losses to a minimum. Again, day trading could be Very Risky.

Trading is based on the expectations of the future, it may be right or wrong. Trading brings a variety of results depending on various factors such as market, leverage, investment amount, chart time frame and so on.