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== Recent Trades ==

The table above shows the current portfolio and performance and it may be helpful for Position traders. The goal is to profit from the move in the primary trend rather than the daily short-term fluctuations. Strategy and forecast can be right or wrong. For Reference Only.

Position Trading : hold a position for the long-term (weeks to months and years) to profit from the move in the primary trend. Swing Trading : a short-term (days to a couple of weeks) trading method and focuses on taking smaller gains.

Abbreviations used in the table are:
Gold (XAUUSD, Spot gold) Silver (XAGUSD, Spot silver) Platinum (XPTUSD, CME NYMEX: PL, Platinum Futures, CFD) WTI (CME NYMEX: CL, WTI crude oil Futures, CFD) N.GAS (CME NYMEX: NG, Natural gas futures, CFD) Corn (CME CBOT: ZC, Corn futures, CFD) Euro (EURUSD, Euro to Dollar rate) GBP (GBPUSD, Pound to Dollar rate) AUD (AUDUSD, Australian Dollar to Dollar rate) CAD (USDCAD, Dollar to Canadian Dollar rate) SPX (CME: ES, S&P 500 index futures, CFD)

I am focusing on Intensive Investment and feel better of the commodity markets. I prefer CFDs to futures. As CFDs have no fixed maturity (expiry date), it allows to do position trading.

Trading is based on the expectations of the future, Trading brings a variety of results depending on various factors such as market, leverage, investment amount, chart time frame and so on. The most important thing, I guess, is finding one's own way of trading and a suitable market. I hope this page to be a great help to visitors in getting their own trading ideas.