About Jugok Trade - Only profits and nothing else

This blog is focused on making profits from trading. Posting articles is not the purpose of this blog.

There are no gorgeous, wonderful, long articles here. I have no ability to write such articles, and I do not intend to. What traders need are the future and simplicity. There is only one thing I can give visitors. Ideas. Ideas for getting profits.

This blog prefers position trading rather than short-term trading like day-trading, prefers relatively low leverage rather than high leverage, and trades mainly commodities such as gold, silver and crude oil.

Timing is important. Missing time means losing opportunity or getting high risk. That's why I post short notes every day. The way not to lose the opportunity is to visit here every day.

You may have heard that most traders are losing money. If you go to very popular sites and blogs, you will know Why. Where there are a mass of traders there are no profits. I do not want this blog to be a well-known place, but I want and believe that this blog is a practical reference and is helpful to traders who want to get profits from trading.

Predicting the market is not easy. Expectations may be right or wrong. Looking back over the past few years, my expectations were not bad.

For safer and higher profits!
Good luck.

Meaning of terms :
▷ BUY the Dip : The current price is higher than the entry price. Buy when price drops to/below the entry price.
▷ BUY the Breakout : The current price is lower than the entry price. Buy when price breaks upward through the entry price. ( When price moves above the entry price level.)
▷ SELL the Bounce : The current price is lower than the entry price. Sell when price rebounds to/above the entry price.
▷ SELL the Breakdown : The current price is higher than the entry price. Sell when price breaks downward through the entry price.  (When price moves below the entry price level.)

Position Trading. Position trading with monthly charts for holding positions for weeks to months. Not much demand on the trader's time.

Simple and Profitable. Key points in real trading are the present and the numbers. There are only practical and strategic figures.

Reference Only. I hope you do not copy above, but hope you get your own better strategies by referring to the above and make good profits.