7 Best markets today for Swing trading : Gold Euro S&P500 WTI

7 Best markets

Gold : XAU/USD, 1 ounce Gold spot

Silver : XAG/USD, 1 ounce Silver spot

Euro : EUR/USD, 1 Euro to US dollar rate

WTI : CME NYMEX: CL, WTI Light Crude Oil Futures

S&P : CME: ES, E-mini S&P 500 Futures

TNote : CME CBOT: ZN, 10-Year US Treasury Note (T-Note) Futures

Corn : CME CBOT: ZC, Corn Futures

7 Best markets today for Swing trading : Gold Euro S&P500 WTI
Gold (XAU/USD) : Sign of physical gold: Au from Latin 'aurum'. Atomic number 79. Code: XAU. XAU refers to the ISO 4217 standard code for One troy ounce of physical gold. 1 troy ounce (oz t) = 31.1034768 grams. XAU = 99.99 percent pure gold = 24K gold. 24k gold means that all 24 parts in the gold are all pure gold without traces of any other metals. Gold is relatively rare element and is a precious metal that has been used for coinage, jewelry, and other arts throughout recorded history. In the past, a gold standard was often implemented as a monetary policy, but the world gold standard was abandoned for a fiat currency system after 1971. A total of 197,576 tonnes of gold exists above ground, as of 2019. The world consumption of new gold produced is about 50% in jewelry, 40% in investments, and 10% in industry.